Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Talk-to-Myself-Tuesday, Sept. 28, 2010

My family tells me I talk to myself...

I prefer to think of it as "thinking outloud!"
Either way, here's what I've been saying...

- It's amazing what a difference some more
space and lotsa bright windows can make

- After a "moving break" it's back to school now.
Kids aren't really rejoicing, but they ARE kinda bored

- During the packing & unpacking I've been delighted to steal  
away & read old journals... Jesus' love and faithfulness is 
evident all through "the stories of my life!"

- If you don't write down the stuff God teaches you & tells
you... what in the world?  The GOD of the universe (and beyond)
in intimately involved in your life... and you're NOT keeping
a recored of it?  

- um... The GOD of all creation cares about me!

- Happily I discovered a wonderful kindergarten website packed
full of all the FUN things little ones should be doing.... I've been
a little overly focused on academics with my little guys & sorta
forgot about the "fun" learning activities that makes childhood
what it is!  This site keeps me from racking my brain...cuz...

- Sometimes creativity can be so taxing on my brain & energy!

- So happy that it's fall. 
We're gunna go on a leaf hunt this week.
(now that we live on a street 
that has tons of trees! YAY!)

- My new neighbor gave me two 
HUGE mums for our entrance...
(thanks, Melissa) and so far 
I haven't killed them. (killing plants
is one of my accidental talents!)

- I miss going to High school football games

- Nope... I haven't been planning menus!  Shock!  But it's just
been too unpredictable around here. Eating out of the pantry & freezer
has been a funny experience (just ask my kids, they're always happy
to share the great stories of my homemaking skills or lack thereof!)


- Knowing that Riley isn't gunna sleep at home in her bed
until Christmas time gives me a strange pinchie feeling
in my throat. 

- Reading an old classic book
putting it into practice

- What's got you "thinking out loud?"

1 comment:

Erin said...

"The GOD of the universe (and beyond)in intimately involved in your life... and you're NOT keeping
a recored of it?"

OUCHIE!!! - learning to be more diligent on this point... it makes me think of FFMC's current church sign slogan... "Jesus knows me this I love!" WOW!!!

ps - I would LOVE to go to a random high school football game with you! The bonus of attending a random game is that you can act COMPLETELY NUTSO and you don't know anybody there so it doesn't matter! Generally causes many smiles and can open up some fun ops to make new friends!