Monday, February 9, 2009

Random Ramblings - Bits & Pieces

Just for a few moments I've jumped outa the fast lane that
I've been zooming down.... Oh, I've written several blogs
in the last couple of weeks, but they never left my head!

Here's some random thoughts that have been spinning
around my little brain... spinning next to the cute little
mouse that runs on the wheel inside of there, too! ha!

* Rubbing Alcohol is my fav cleaner for all hard surfaces-
except wood! Works great on tile, counters, bathrooms,
grease, hairspray build-up, etc!

*"Organize your Life" articles in magazine make me wanna
spit! They say stupid stuff like, "put all sheets for double
beds on one shelf of your linen closet and all queen size
sheets on another shelf of that closet.'
WHAT IF YOU don't HAVE A linen closet?
or cupboard? or SHELF?

* I still really like winter and would be OK if it snowed a
few more times... even if this angers everyone I know! ha!

* Planning parties (b-day, bridal showers, etc) around a theme
makes even the simplest things meaningful & awesome.

* Making a new friend that feels like an old one is rare -

* I'm still addicted to my crockpot and just found out that
a friend is giving me her "huge" slow cooker cuz she's only
used it once! SWEET! Thank you!

* Having a multi-cultural name is kinda cool.
African Americans use "Netta" often and so do Arabs!
God knew I'd need this name!

* My favorite reason for going to the mall is to let my big girls
shop and my little boys play at the playland. (If I shop we
all get bored & frustrated within seconds!) Thank goodness
for ebay!

* Saving money is fun. Although it's more necessary than ever,
it's become a sport... and I'm actually enjoying it!

* Target is STILL my favorite store!

*Playing the piano at church is a blast! (it's a huge, old
almost-baby-grand piano) Our worship band is rockin' too!
I almost stood up on the bench and played with my feet!
(well, not exactly! ha!)

* Paying bills on-line with our bank bill-pay is SO
much easier than writing checks & mailing them!

*Finally seriously considering seeing a specialized
Dentist who treats TMJ... 24/7 pain is getting the
best of me... and my mouth splint is old & has a hole now!

* I really like living in Detroit! (That's GOD!)

* Seeing Jesus change lives is so awesome! Being involved
in the lives of ladies at Real Church is so much fun and
so rewarding!

* I'm not teaching Wednesday Night Bible Study for the
next 6 weeks and I'm so excited to sit, learn & grow
under my friend's ministry! :)

* Recently purchased a canvas to begin a 2009 collage
of answered prayer & God's faithfulness! Far too
quickly I (and you, too) forget the zillions of things
Jesus does for us (and that doesn't even count the
bazillion we don't even know about!...
and I intend to remember more of them and give
praise more often!
(and possibly come up w/a cool piece of art, too!)

What steps are you taking to keep your heart & head
focused on JESUS and His faithfulness?

Isaiah 26:3
"You will keep in perfect peace him
whose mind is steadfast, because he trusts in You."


Lori said...

I'm super intrigued by your art piece! I can't wait to pictures! That sounds like an awesome idea!!

Lana said...

This was awesome - and so all over the place that I feel like we were just on the phone with each other! Perfect! I MISS YOU!

erika said...

cool blog! you are a creative lady!!

Anonymous said...

I love this Netta! Random & Real (just like you - in a great way of course lol) Rubbing Alcohol is my favorite too - works great on Mirros too - few streaks! Wood - Very Bad!!