Saturday, May 10, 2008



Not the sickness!

I'm speaking of the opposite of "multi".

"Multi" pops up in all sorts of situations...
  • multicolored
    etc... etc... etc....

    Multi means MORE, MUCH, MANY!
    (all words that our society likes... even desires!)

    Multi-tasking has become my constant friend...
    and enemy!

    Of course it's wise to multi-task -we shouldn't just sit on top
    of the dryer waiting for our clothes to get dry (Kyle!!)
    Doing two or more things at once can be
    extremely productive... in some cases!

    However, I recently read an article that got me
    thinking and prayingabout MONO-Tasking!
    Some things are just meant to be done on their own!
    Here's a few...

    -talking to God
    (we MUST have alone time, then we can
    "pray without ceasing")

    -reading the Word!

    -playing with my kids

    - sitting down
    (sometimes I just need to do nothing!)

    - dinner (just gotta have uninterrupted time with the
    fam several times a week)

    - projects and larger chores
    (For Example: if I wait to wash the curtains
    until I can wash the windows...
    and then wait to wash any windows until I can
    wash the windows in the whole house...
    well, you can see why things stay dirty!)

    But, if I will MONO-TASK and simply decide
    that it's OK to just wash the windows in the livingroom
    this afternoon... and maybe the kitchen window later next week...
    then I just may end up with CLEAN windows
    AND curtains in the near future!

    Does that make sense?

    Even if it doesn't... that's OK. I'm gettin' it!

    I believe that God is showing me other areas that
    shouldn't be "multi-ed", but rather "mono-ed."

    Thank You, Jesus, for being so practical!

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